Sunday, 10 June 2012

Patchwork cushions

I made my first attempt at making a patchwork cushion yesterday, and quickly discovered that it's very addictive!

First patchwork cushion

My inital creation came out ok - it fits the cushion pad it was made for, and the lines are fairly straight (for my sewing that's good!). However, I didn't do brilliantly at cross matching the patches in different rows. I'm sure an expert quilter would be appalled.

Second patchwork cushion

On the second attempt I took more care in cutting out my sqaures, and also pressed the seams open before stitching the rows together. This cushion still wasn't perfect as you can probably see from the closeup above, but I think it was a distinct improvement, not bad for a second attempt!

I wonder what it is about patchwork that's so addictive. Is it the thought of being so thrifty and using up all your left over scraps - you get to feel so virtuous! Or is it the opportunity to show your creative flair in matching the colours and patterns together in different patches? I also discovered from my experimentations this weekend that I prefer smaller patches to larger ones. The small patches on the secon cushion I made are so interesting I just can't stop staring at them!

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