Monday, 19 March 2012

Crochet kindle case

I had an idea for a crocheted kindle case, so I had to try it out (despite this being the 4th kindle case I have made - my kindle must be the best dressed on the East Coast mainline!

Anyway, I think it worked well, and it's a good way of using up left over yarn!.

I used dk weight wool-cotton yarn, and started with a foundation chain of 50 using a 3.5mm hook. I worked a chevron pattern where you work 2 dc in the first chain, work 7dc, skip 2 chain, work 7 dc, work 3dc in next dc and then repeat until you get to the last peak in the chevron where you work 2dc again (instead of the 3dc used to make all the other "peaks".


  1. Love this! I'm going to try make this for my Kindle :) Cheers, Ashley

  2. Hi! I really really love this case and I was wondering if you can make a step by step tutorial on this? Please, I will really really appreciate it. I'd love to make these to give as a gift for my girl friends this new year. Thanks a lot, Ginger

  3. Yes please make a tutorial. This is beautiful but mine doesn't look the same. Do you chain 1 and turn on ends?

  4. entiendo..yo no soy nueva en en crochet....¿Que es 2pd..7DC...7CC?
    Galla .... por favor explica con pera y manzanas ...para las que no entendemos esto términos tan técnicos
    un tutorial bien detallados super lindo y quiero aprender a terjerlo.



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